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  Session: PER: Technologies
  Paper Type: Poster
  Title: Creatively Engaged Online: Student-Generated Content in a Non-Majors Introductory Course
  Meeting: 2013 Summer Meeting: Portland, Oregon
  Location: N/A
  Time: 8:30AM
  Author: Simon P. Bates, University of British Columbia
6043632550, simon.bates@ubc.ca
  Co-Author(s): Emily Altiere, Firas Moosvi
  Abstract: We have implemented a component of student-generated assessment in an introductory physics course comprising exclusively non-majors, using the PeerWise online system. This poster presents details of how we have extended the previous instructional designs for PeerWise, shown to be capable of yielding high-quality questions authored by students, via modification of the six tutorials held throughout the course. A significant fraction of the tutorial content is composed of either studen- generated questions as problems to work through and/or explicit guidance designed to enhance the quality of student contributions. We present details of the change in quality of student-authored questions and explanations over time, mapping the former onto Bloom's Taxonomy and the latter onto a five-point scale.
  Footnotes: Dr Ross Galloway (AAPT membership number 93593)
  Presentation: AAPT Poster_FINAL_emily_altiere.pdf

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