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  Session: Lessons from Successful Professional Development for Successful Teacher Preparation
  Paper Type: Invited
  Title: The AAPT/PTRA ToPPS Program at NWOSU
  Meeting: 2013 Summer Meeting: Portland, Oregon
  Location: N/A
  Time: 3:40PM
  Author: Steven J. Maier, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
580 327 8562, sjmaier@nwosu.edu
  Co-Author(s): Saeed Sarani
  Abstract: In 2011, Northwestern Oklahoma State University began hosting AAPT/PTRA [1] summer institutes for Teachers of Physics and Physical Science (ToPPS)[2]. Aligned with the state's STEM vision, ToPPS seeks to better prepare Oklahoma's future workforce through relevant professional development and to serve as a source of support for rural districts. While most participants are middle school teachers, others include teachers from elementary and secondary schools. For many participants, the NWOSU ToPPS program serves as the only physics teacher preparation they have had access to. The challenge of striking a balance among participants' varied expectations, prior knowledge, and teaching experiences has turned out to be the greatest asset of this program. In this talk, data on the effectiveness of the program will be presented followed by discussion of long-term goals (such as sustainability) and the implications/impact this program has already had on HS physics teaching in Oklahoma [3].
  Footnotes: [1] www.aapt.org/Programs/projects/PTRA/ [2] www.nwosu.edu/ToPPS [3] www.nwosu.edu/whiteboard
  Presentation: AAPT SM13 Invited PDF.pdf

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