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  Session: Teacher Preparation and Enhancement
  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: Investigating the Impact of Clicker-Enhanced Pedagogy in a Secondary Physics Methods Course
  Meeting: 2014 Winter Meeting: Orlando, Florida
  Location: N/A
  Time: 5:10PM
  Author: Alexandra MacDonald, The University of British Columbia
6048224234, marina.milner-bolotin@ubc.ca
  Co-Author(s): Heather Fisher, Marina Milner-Bolotin
  Abstract: One of the most commonly explored technologies in contemporary STEM educational research is electronic response systems (clickers). Benefits of clicker-enhanced pedagogy include: encouraging active student participation, reducing anxiety, supporting formative assessment, and promoting conceptual understanding. Most studies, however, investigate the effects of these technologies in large undergraduate STEM courses. The role of clicker-enhanced pedagogy in small secondary or post-secondary classrooms is still relatively unexplored, especially in the context of teacher education programs. This study investigates whether clicker-enhanced pedagogy is effective in a small secondary physics methods course by considering its impact on supporting an inquiry-oriented curriculum, increasing the instructor's ability to diagnose gaps in teacher-candidates' pedagogical-content knowledge, and consequently to improve it. This study sheds light on developing teacher-candidates' capacities to utilize, design, and implement inquiry-oriented clicker-enhanced pedagogy, the impact of this process on their pedagogical-content knowledge and attitudes toward the value of conceptual learning.
  Footnotes: Our team submitted two papers to this conference. Would it be possible to schedule them in one section going on after another? This paper should be the second paper following the paper titled "Exploring technology-enhanced active learning in physics teacher education". Many thanks, Marina (on behalf of the team)
  Presentation: AAPT2014_TechnologyTeacherEducation_MacDonald_Fisher_Milner-Bolotin2.pdf

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