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  Session: AP Physis 1&2
  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: Whiteboarding and Multiple Representations to Improve Understanding: AP Physics 1 & 2
  Meeting: 2014 Winter Meeting: Orlando, Florida
  Location: N/A
  Time: 3:20PM
  Author: Paul Lulai
College Board & St Anthony Village Senior High
612-964-5374, plulai@stanthony.k12.mn.us
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: The use of whiteboarding techniques and multiple representations for physics problems can help deepen students' conceptual understanding and help them succeed in AP Physics 1 & 2. The new AP Physics 1 & 2 exams intentionally investigate students' ability to translate from one representation to another. This session will look at specific ways in which both white-boarding and multiple representations can be implemented in the high school physics classroom to deepen student understanding and prepare them for the new AP Physics 1 & 2 course exams.
  Footnotes: None
  Presentation: White-boarding Multiple Representations to Improve Understanding AP Physics 1 & 2_lulai.pdf

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