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  Session: SPS Research and Outreach Poster Session
  Paper Type: Poster
  Title: Stratospheric Thermal Wake Investigation
  Meeting: 2014 Winter Meeting: Orlando, Florida
  Location: N/A
  Time: 8:00PM
  Author: Mara Blish, St.Catherine University
651-690-8834, epagrimson@stkate.edu
  Co-Author(s): Rachel Hedden, Amanda Grove, Erick Agrimson, James Flatten
  Abstract: We present data characterizing the thermal wake that trails below ascending high-altitude balloons (AKA weather balloons) as they ascend into the stratosphere. This wake, which is warmer than the ambient air during the day but colder during night flights, is reported to be significant within 25 feet of the base of the balloon. We have built and flown a "wake boom" that hangs below latex weather balloons with a 1-D array of temperature sensors that extends horizontally from directly beneath the balloon to outside of the predicted width of the thermal wake. We present analysis of the temperature profiles collected utilizing this apparatus.
  Footnotes: Mara Blish (Undergraduate) is being sponsored by Erick Agrimson AAPT member
  Presentation: AAPT poster St.Catherine University_Agrimson.pdf

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