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  Session: Labs and Apparatus Posters
  Paper Type: Poster
  Title: Student-built Lab Equipment via an Arduino and Modeling Instruction
  Meeting: 2014 Summer Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  Location: N/A
  Time: 8:30PM
  Author: Nathan T. Moore, Winona State University
5074575611, nmoore@winona.edu
  Co-Author(s): Andrew Haugen
  Abstract: What would the introductory physics class be like, if, at the start of the term, every student bought an ultrasonic motion detector at the bookstore along with the latest edition of Serway? In the talk I'll describe how we've experimented with this idea by having our students purchase an Arduino-based "labkit" containing a microcontroller and a variety of cheap sensors. In two separate semesters we've had students create and deploy data acquisition systems with varying degrees of success. Given that many students don't arrive at the university with knowledge of programming, we've found that Modeling Instruction may provide a suitable intellectual framework for the inclusion of DIY lab apparatus. Briefly, students create models for how the sensors behave and report measurements, and then the students deploy these models to solve context-rich problems. The poster will present a lab using GPS antennae's in this DIY lab equipment context.
  Footnotes: None
  Presentation: Moore-PST1B14_poster.pdf

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