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  Session: Teaching the Women in Physics Course
  Paper Type: Poster
  Title: A Women in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Course*
  Meeting: 2014 Summer Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  Location: N/A
  Time: 9:00AM
  Author: Jim Crumley
College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University
320 363-3183, jcrumley@csbsju.edu
  Co-Author(s): Kris Nairn, Lynn Ziegler, Yu Zhang, Pam Bacon
  Abstract: Increasing women's participation is a concern in disciplines beyond physics. As part of our Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science Research Scholars (MapCores) program1, we teach a women in science class covering these three areas. Our course is a special version of our college's first year seminar, which is a course designed to prepare our students to read, write, and speak at a college-level. We structure our FYS to promote academic confidence and interest in our disciplines for the women in MapCores. It covers not only contributions that women have made and barriers that women face in these disciplines, but also research frontiers and science policy issues in these disciplines. While the women in MapCores find covering these topics beneficial, the most important benefit of the course is the supportive cohort that grows from it. *Supported by NSF grant DUE-0965705.
  Footnotes: *Supported by NSF grant DUE-0965705.
  Presentation: Crumley-fys_poster.pdf

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