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  Session: Post-deadline Papers IV
  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: Reworking an Introductory Physics Lab Course for the Life Science Majors.
  Meeting: 2016 Summer Meeting: Sacremento, California
  Location: N/A
  Time: 3:30PM
  Author: Clark R. Snelgrove, Brigham Young University
801-422-3144, crsnel@byu.edu
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: The curricula for the two-semester laboratory course for life science majors at BYU had not had a major revision in over 20 years. The lab equipment that was used was worn out and unreliable. Some lab activities didn't really "work" and the student culture had simply learned how to fake some activities to get a score. A major effort has been undertaken to redevelop the two course using information obtained from education research on learning. Also an effort has been made to make the activities more "authentic" to the life science students that take the course. I will report on the research that went into preparing write the curricula, the actual writing of the first of the two course, and the implementation of the curricula for the first of the two course during the last two semesters.
  Footnotes: None
  Presentation: AAPT Summer Meeting 2016.pptx

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