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  Session: Lecture/Classroom
  Paper Type: Poster
  Title: How Do I Help Students Engage Productively (“buy in”) in Active Learning Classrooms?
  Meeting: 2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio
  Location: N/A
  Time: 8:30PM
  Author: Stephanie Chasteen,, University of Colorado Boulder,
3037753277, stephanie.chasteen@colorado.edu
  Co-Author(s): Andrew Boudreaux, Jonathan Gaffney
  Abstract: If you’re incorporating active-learning strategies into your teaching, you may find that students don’t automatically embrace this new learning approach. Students may just sit back and listen, waiting for their peers to answer. They may engage enthusiastically at first, but that exuberance wanes in the face of a busy semester. Students may even openly resist and complain (though this is somewhat rare). As instructors, we need to be mindful about how we structure the class structure and culture to make engagement feel safe and worthwhile. This poster will present results from a four-year project to document and disseminate what college STEM instructors do to generate student engagement, from the first day of class and beyond – and how these techniques align with research on student motivation and learning. Stop by and get ideas to use in the fall!*
  Footnotes: *The full suite of materials can be found on PhysPort.org at https://www.physport.org/recommendations/Entry.cfm?ID=101163
  Presentation: Framing-AAPT-2017.pdf

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