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  Session: Introductory Courses
  Paper Type: Contributed
  Title: The Class Story
  Meeting: 2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio
  Location: N/A
  Time: 4:10PM
  Author: Carolyn M. Martsberger,, Wofford College,
9195649663, martsbergercm@wofford.edu
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: Newton’s three laws provide the foundation for an introductory physics course. However, the third law often confuses students and can challenge their understanding of laws one and two. In this talk, I will introduce an interactive in class activity that will articulate the differences between Newton’s second and third law. This activity will lead to the development of a class story that can be recalled throughout the semester to help students differentiate between what forces an object exerts on its environment versus the forces that are applied to an object. The activity is applicable to large or small class sizes. Furthermore, the story creation portion promotes team building skills and solidifies a positive class culture at a time in the semester where students are becoming connected with their physics community and invested in the course itself.
  Footnotes: None
  Presentation: THe_Class_Story_revised_CM.pdf

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