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We carry exclusive AAPT products and publications in addition to some popular physics education books, resources, gifts, and supplies.

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    Featured Products

    2016 High School Physics Photo Contest Calendar

    2016 High School Physics Photo Contest Calendar

    Members may request up to three calanendars free. Use the stunning pictures featured on AAPT's 2016 calendar to showcase physics in your classroom. Each month features one of the top 100 entries from the AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest complete with explanatory text. Creative, educational and practical. All proceeds support the AAPT HS Photo Contest. Call for special pricing on volume orders. Product Code: CAL-16

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    A Potpourri of Physics Teaching Ideas

    A Potpourri of Physics Teaching Ideas

    Massive resource. Edited by Donna Berry Conner. From the pages of The Physics Teacher comes this collection of articles on apparatus and ideas for teaching physics. Articles concerning mechanics, fluids, and heat; electromagnetism; optics and waves; sound; toys; and others are reproduced. An additional 71 articles describe how to stow-it, do-it, make-it, show-it, and adapt-it. (363 pp.) Product Code OP - 57

    • Members: $ 7.99
    • Regular: $ 7.99
    Apparatus for Teaching Physics

    Apparatus for Teaching Physics

    Apparatus for Teaching Physics, edited by Karl C. Mamola, is a collection of articles from The Physics Teacher that deal with laboratory and demonstration apparatus. The book includes descriptions of new apparatus, as well as discussions of innovative uses of standard, well-known equipment. The emphasis is on apparatus that is useful primarily in the introductory physics course. (247 pp.) Product Code OP - 65

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