American Association of Physics Teachers

 Savi Iyer's POSTER from the AAPT Topical Workshop
Teaching General Relativity to Undergraduates
Held at Syracuse University, July 20-21, 2006

Savi Iyer

 As in many under-graduate programs, the typical physics major at SUNY Geneseo grad-uates without much exposure to gravitational physics beyond Newton's law of gravitation and Kepler's laws. Students read about topics like black holes and cosmol-ogy mainly through popular expositions. In the last few years, how-ever, we have seen a growing interest in and enthusiasm for learning more about gravity. This was clearly evident in an experimental course offering titled "GRAVITY: An Introduction to Ein-stein's General Rela-tivity" in spring 2006. We will present some ideas for course organization and teaching techniques, and student responses to an end-of-semester feed-back survey. We will also present our experience with involving undergrad-uates in research in gen-eral relativity at SUNY Geneseo.



General Relativity at SUNY Geneseo   (click on the poster for the full sized pdf version)

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