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STEM Study

AAPT recently participated in the STEM Inclusion Study, the first large-scale, national study to investigate the experiences of professionals from across STEM disciplines and industries to identify challenges that underrepresented individuals face in the profession. More information about the study and its goals is available on the study’s website http://www.steminclusion.com.

For a summary of the AAPT Climate Report use the link: STEM Inclusion Study and AAPT (PDF).

For the full STEM Inclusion Study use the link: Climate Report (PDF).




HERStories is a video that shares words of wisdom and encouragement from women in physics from around the world. Watch the inspiring video as they describe the challenges they've had to overcome in order to pursue their life's passion.


Lesson Plans

1. What is Physics?

2. Pitfalls, Potholes, and Hurdles: Finding Success as (Physics) Students

3. Beyond the Classroom: Encouraging Girls to Continue in Physics and Science

4. Awesome Physics!


Please continue to visit this website as we expand it to include more lesson plans and other resources to empower women in the physics community.


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