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Date: Sunday, July 31


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Activities for Teaching Climate and Climate Change
  Location: RS G21
  Date: Sunday, Jul.31
  Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  Price: Member: $70.00
Nonmember: $95.00
  Sponsor: Committee on Science Education for the Public
  Co-Sponsor(s): Committee on Physics in High Schools
  Leader(s): Brian Jones,
  Co-Leader(s): Paul Williams, Austin Community College
  Description During the day, the Earth is warmed by sunlight. This is something that your students can see, something that they can feel. But, over the course of a day and night, the surface of the Earth receives more radiant energy from the bottoms of clouds and the lower atmosphere than it does from the sun. This influence of thermal radiation is critically important for an understanding of the Earth's climate and how it is changing. In this workshop we'll share activities that make this invisible form of energy transfer tangible. We'll also share activities that illuminate other important but complex concepts, such as how climate models work, how feedbacks, both positive and negative, affect the climate. Our goal is to give you a set of tools to give your students a real understanding of the Earth's climate and how scientists predict its development in the future.
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