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2010 Summer Meeting

2011 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 30-August 3, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska

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Lair, Jessica, PST1A05  
Lane, W. Brian, ED01  PST2C27  
LaPorte, Mark, FE04  
Lapps, Melissa, EJ07  
Laverty, James, CC04  
Lee, Young-Jin, GE03  
Lee, May, PST2C28  
Lee, Jung, PST1F07  
Leif, Todd, FG  PD04  BB03  
Levy, Jeremy, PB02  
Li, Sissi, FA02  
Li, Jing, EB05  PST2C29  
Lin, Shih-Yin, DH02  
Lin, Yuhfen, FA03  
Lin, ShihYin, PST2C30  PST1F02  PST1F03  
Lind, Jeffrey, SPS06  
Lindenfeld, Peter, FD07  
Lindsey, Beth, EH04  
Liu, Zengqiang, GA02  PST1F04  
Lombardi, Doug, PST1A06  
Loranz, Daniel, PST2A07  
Loverude, Michael, EB06  
Lukoff, Brian, AE03  
Luzader, Stephen, PST1D04  
Lyons, Daniel, GC01  
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