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Date: Sunday, January 09


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Preparing Teacher Candidates to Teach the New AP Physics B: What Faculty and Mentors Need to Know
  Date: Sunday, Jan.09
  Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  Price: Member: $40.00
Nonmember: $65.00
  Sponsor: Committee on Teacher Preparation
  Co-Sponsor(s): None
  Leader(s): Gay Stewart ,
  Co-Leader(s): None
  Description There will be a brief discussion on the nature and development of the new AP Physics B courses. We will move into what impact these changes may have on what faculty need to do when they prepare teachers, or what teacher mentors may need to do differently to support teachers in these greatly improved courses. The conceptual level is significantly deeper, but, because of the two years, the first year could be accessible to more students. Currently, Physics B is supposed to follow a preparatory course. Now, the material is divided up and deepened to make each year a stand-alone, rigorous, conceptual and problem-solving course. These can be placed flexibly into a school's curriculum; examples will be discussed. We will share examples of features of our program that prepare pre-service teachers for best-practice classes. There are some resources available to help new and practicing, but perhaps not richly prepared, teachers.
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