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Commercial Workshops w/Abstracts

Date: Monday, January 10


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* CW01:

Alphas, Betas, Gamma, Oh, MY!
  Location: Grand Ballroom 2
  Date: 1/10/11
  Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  Price: Member: $0.00
Nonmember: $0.00
  Sponsor: EnergySolutions Foundation
  Leader(s): Meredith Mannebach
  Co-Leader(s): Duane Merrell
  Description: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Oh My! Energy Lesson Plans/Labs/Activities/Presentations for teachers to use in junior high and high school classrooms. They are intended as teaching aids for the discussion of energy with an emphasis on nuclear energy. There are PowerPoint presentations, class activities and games that meant to compliment state curriculum and help teachers make learning about energy fun. The EnergySolutions Foundation gives this material to anyone that is interested at no cost. They serve to increase science processing skills and thereby science literacy. They are not just aimed at educating the population that will work in this industry in the future, the intent is to for board-based education help of future community leaders, politicians and journalists thereby generating an energy literate society. The lesion plans and labs were created by a number of expert educators for use in junior high and high school classrooms to each the concepts related to energy. This material is for teachers and the creators encourage you to augment or modify them to better fit the grade and/or subject matter that you teach. The educators who developed this information realize that junior high and high schools students till have much to learn past these levels. They also know that students need to know a real world context for the information provided in an academic environment.
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* CW04:

Extend Your Teach: Combining Panopto Lecture Capture and i>clicker to Create an Interactive, Student-driven Classroom Experience
  Location: City Terrace 12
  Date: 1/10/11
  Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  Price: Member: $0.00
Nonmember: $0.00
  Sponsor: i>clicker | Panopto
  Leader(s): Elizabeth Tassell
  Co-Leader(s): N/A
  Description: Do more than record your lecture. Use Panopto to: 1. Give students access to course content outside of your lecture so that class time can be more collaborative. 2. Create opportunities for your students to further the learning process with supplemental learning objectives. 3. Cover more material without losing the ability to communicate key curriculum objectives. Make class time more productive with i>clicker: 1. Assess student participation and gauge student comprehension as you teach. 2. Get immediate feedback and enable two-way communication between you and your students no matter how large the class size. 3. Utilize peer instruction to foster discussion among your students.
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