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Physics for Refugees 2: Grade School and Lessons Learned


A presentation from the 2018 Summer Meeting: Washington, DC


We start with an overview of the (Junior and Senior High School) Stadt Gymnasium Köln at Thusneldastraße physics class dedicated to Physics for Refugees (PfF), including history, motivation, and a description of the school, teachers, non-refugee student assistants (Helferin*innen) and a lengthier description of the Thesnuldastraße refugee students. We will include details about the support materials and efforts provided to refugees, particularly to those support materials and concepts focusing on language and interrupted learning. Further, we present and describe PfF activities carried out to date at the Gymnasium. A lengthy discussion of lessons learned including focus, strategies, and advice to others working with refugee children learning physics will end the presentation.


Daniel MacIsaac,

Michael Resvoll,
Florian Genz,
Kathleen Falconer,

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2018 Summer Meeting: Washington, DC

02:00 PM

Physics for Refugees & Distant Education