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AAPT eMentoring: A Benefit for AAPT Members (Not a member? Join here).

The AAPT eMentoring Program is designed to connect AAPT members of the K-12 physics educator community with each other. eMentoring allows mentors to provide virtual support to mentees through e-mail, phone, and video communication. Mentors and mentees often find that they benefit mutually from building a relationship with their colleagues from around the nation.


How does it work? More experienced educators (mentors) are connected with one or more novice educators (mentees). Mentors and mentees both register and provide information about their teaching background and preparation. Upon registration of a mentee, the program identifies potential mentors with similar backgrounds. The mentee's profile is provided to the potential mentors, who may opt-in to support the mentee. The mentee then is provided the list of willing mentors, and selects one mentor for pairing. Mentors and mentees are then encouraged to reach out to one another and begin learning about each other.


John Clement

Ashley Miller

Scott Hertting

Emilyn Navia

Meet some of our Mentors and Mentees

John Clement, Mentor
"I grew up on a family turkey farm in far upstate NY in the middle of the snow belt. I attended Mannsville-Manor High School and graduated as valedictorian from a class of 20 seniors. ... I am a retired physicist with a BS from Cornell (1965), M Eng. Physics (1974)..." Read More

Ashley Miller, Mentee
"My journey as a physics teacher began my freshman year of college. I was enrolled at Grove City College as a Math Secondary Education major. At that point, I had not yet taken a physics course, but, being fascinated by the subject, decided to take the introductory course to keep my options open..." Read More

Scott Hertting, Mentor
On July 1, 2015, AAPT eMentor Scott Hertting was recognized by the White House with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST). This award sets Scott apart as one of only two recognized 6-12 math and science teachers in his home state of Wisconsin..." Read More

Emilyn Navia, Mentee
After serving my home country for more than a decade, I started my international teaching career in 2008. I have taught IGCSE and A-Level Physics at Wuxi No. 1 High School from 2008-2009..." Read More

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