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Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

AAPT needs the support of volunteers. For more information, click on the following links.

Short Term Opportunities

Help review physics programs http://aapt.org/Resources/deptreview.cfm
  Contact: call (301) 209-3311 or email eo@aapt.org

Be a reviewer for the American Journal of Physics http://ajp.dickinson.edu/Reviewers/revGenInfo.html
  Contact: ajp@dickinson.edu

Be a reviewer for The Physics Teacher http://scitation.aip.org/content/aapt/journal/tpt
  Contact: tpt@appstate.edu

Assist with judging photos for the High School Photo Contest http://aapt.org/Programs/contests/photocontest.cfm
  Contact: tholsenbeckhsphoto@gmail.com

Serve as an experienced AAPT member at an early career speed networking event at one of AAPT's national meetings
  Contact: eo@aapt.org

Serve as a presider for a session at an AAPT national meeting
  Contact: programs@aapt.org

Serve on the PhysicsBowl Advisory Committee and assist in developing the exam
  Contact: programs@aapt.org

Provide photos for AAPT to use in publications
  Contact: alennox@aapt.org

Be one of AAPT's social media volunteers (for entries to FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)during an AAPT national meeting
  Contact: eo@aapt.org

Add your name to the AAPT Speakers Bureau:http://aapt.org/Resources/speakers_bureaulanding.cfm

Long Term (12+ months)

Join an AAPT committee http://aapt.org/aboutaapt/nominate.cfm
  Contact: AAPT members simply submit the Nomination Form to any member of the Nominating Committee at any point during the year.

Be an eMentor for a new high school physics teacher http://ementoring.aapt.org
  Contact: ementoring@aapt.org

Become a Physics Teaching Resource Agent http://aapt.org/PTRA/
  Contact: Karen Jo Matsler, PTRA Director, kjmatsler@gmail.com

Be one of AAPT's social media volunteers (for entries to FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) throughout the year
  Contact: eo@aapt.org

Special Opportunities

Often, there are opportunities to volunteer for a special task force or committee to work on important activities that result in recommendations or feedback on national policies and programs or for special AAPT projects. Some examples include: providing feedback on the Next Generation Science Standards, updating AAPT guidelines, etc. Please visit this webpage regularly to see special volunteer opportunities.