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Melba Newell Phillips Medal


Melba Newell Phillips

Established in 1981

The Melba Newell Phillips Medal is presented to AAPT leaders who, like Melba Newell Phillips after whom the medal is named, have provided creative leadership and dedicated service that resulted in exceptional contributions to AAPT. The recipient, who must be an AAPT member, delivers an address at the AAPT Meeting at which the medal is presented and receives a monetary award, the Melba Newell Phillips Medal, an Award Certificate, and travel expenses to the meeting.The medal is presented only occasionally. Self-nomination is not appropriate for this award.

Award Winners

Listed below are previous Melba Newell Phillips Medal awardees and, if applicable, the title and citation information of their talk.


Lillian Christie McDermott, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

"DBER - A View from Physics"


Mary Beth Monroe, Southwest Texas Junior College, Uvalde, TX
"The Faces of AAPT"


Judy R. Franz, American Physical Society


Clifford Swartz, Stony Brook University, Emeritus


Robert B. Clark, Brigham Young University
"Some Lessons Learned"


Howard G. Voss, Arizona State University
"Looking Back and Looking Forward", Am. J. Phys. 68, 12 (2000).


John W. Layman, University of Maryland
"AAPT Toward the End of Our Century: Spheres of Influence", Phys. Teach.37, 136 (1998).


Reuben E. Alley, U. S. Naval Academy

Phys. Teach.34, 471 (1996)


Anthony P. French, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Am. J. Phys.61, 681 (1993)


Albert A. Bartlett, University of Colorado at Boulder

Am. J. Phys.59, 15 (1991)


H. Richard Crane, University of Michigan

Am. J. Phys.56, 967 (1988).


E. Leonard Jossem, Ohio State University

Am. J. Phys.53, 1136 (1985)


Melba Newell Phillips, University of Chicago, Emeritus Professor

Am. J. Phys.51, 495 (1983)