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Below you will find a list of resources, links, and information related to Physics First teaching. If you have a suggestion or would like to provide additional content, please tell us about it.

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Research Studies

Below are a few empirical studies (16) with data used to access impact of PF at particular schools:
[Can also be found hot linked with caveats at http://home.comcast.net/~physicsfirst/site/?/page/Research%2FExperience/]

Chemistry Students with Physics 9 Learn More (Tim Burgess, McGill-Toolen of Mobile, AL)

Freshman Physics Higher CAT FCI (Craig Bouma, Loyola HS of Los Angeles. Active Physics)

McGill-Toolen freshman learn more Physics (Tim Burgess. Modeling Instruction)

Freshman Physics Higher in CA Assessments (Craig Bouma, Loyola HS of Los Angeles. Active Physics)

Freshman students in Maine learn more Physics (M. O’Brien J. Thompson, TPT. Modeling Instruction)

AP Science enrollment performance (J. Goodman, Dissertation defended and accepted Rutgers Univ)

Increased interest/performance in science (Barry Walker, BriarwoodChristian Schoolin Alabama)

Increases in AP Science Enrollment (Ridley HS near Philadelphia. Modeling Instruction)

Increased enrollment in elective advanced sciences (D. Mountz, Dissertation for Immaculata University)

Improved Regents AP PhysicsScores (Larry Hiller, New York. Modeling Instruction)

Math Score Improvement (public) (JoAnne Deakin, Arizona. Modeling Instruction)

Math Score Improvement (private) (Howard Glasser, Germantown Friends School. Hewitt text)

Physics Freshman Exceed Seniors (Earl Legleiter, Kansas. Modeling Instruction)

Improved Science Math Reasoning (Anita Schuchardt, Kathy Malone, et al. Modeling Instruction)

Improved AP Science performance (Tim Burgess. Modeling Instruction)

Data from National Science Teacher Ass. 2008 (Several schools near Boston MA. Hewitt or Active Physics)