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Executive Board Minutes - October 2005 (Part 3)

October 29-30, 2005
AmericanCenterfor Physics



Stith reminded the Board that the DBIS pieces address science, not just physics.  The American Mathematical Association and the geological society have provided financial support to DBIS from its beginning.  Stith explained that from his point of view it was important to have AAPT as a partner in this venture.  The AIP program lost 30 stations due to a change in the distribution company, but they are recovering this number. AIP is now signing contracts for two years instead of one.   Stith believes the quality has improved with the new company (Ivanhoe).  The AIP staff are constantly looking for new ideas and scientists review scripts prepared by the staff.


18.  Board Nominations to AIP and Other External Committees. 

  • The deadline for nominations to AIP Committees is December 16.  Prior to the Board meeting, D. Peterson sent the Board an email reviewing the AIP committees of high interest to AAPT.  The Secretary completes the nomination forms and submits them to the AIP.  D. Peterson advised that nominations from Board members should be made to Monroe, along with relevant information about the nominees. Khoury is a member of the AIP Committee on Committees that will consider the submitted nominations. Khoury explained that this committee looks for new blood and legitimate reasons from the nominating society substantiating the nomination.  He added that it was wise not to nominate more than one individual for an appointment.  The AAPT has a pretty good track record of getting people on AIP committees.  Stith agreed with Khoury, saying that many nominations do not include information about the nominees and that it was hard for the committee to make a decision if they do not recognize the people.


D. Peterson then allowed some time for Board members to suggest and discuss candidates for nominations to the AIP Committee. 


  • The AAPT has four members who serve on the AIP Governing Board, typically the members in the presidential chain.  In accordance with that practice, Khoury moved that the Board appoint Harvey Leff to the AIP Governing Board, effective for the May 2006 meeting.  Gibson seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 


  • Khoury did not know of other external committee appointments to be made at this time.


19.  SPIN-UP/TYC.  Hein, CoPI, reported that the funding term for SPIN-UP/TYC had ended in August and that the PI Tom O’Kuma was preparing the final report for the NSF.  Monroe, CoPI, distributed a report specifying the mailings of the project’s book, “SPIN-UP/TYC: Best Practices of Two-Year College Physics Programs”.


20.  Outreach.  K. Heller moved that the AAPT give every plenary speaker at its national meetings a year’s membership, including both journals.  R. Peterson seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


21.  75th Anniversary Plans.  D. Peterson stated that the AAPT staff have been doing a yeoman’s effort in preparing for the association’s 75th anniversary.  Hein reported on three activities being conducted by the staff.  (1) Trivia contests, developed with help from John Hubisz, were scheduled to begin in about a week.  (2) During the Syracuse meeting the Board will decide what will be put into a time capsule and subsequently the capsule will be put on display at the ACP in College Park. (3) The staff is compiling a booklet of interviews with 75 outstanding physicists, selected through a poll conducted on the AAPT website. Hein distributed a list of the physicists selected.  Heller expressed the concern about the descriptor “outstanding”, saying that that term might not be appropriate since the list was complied by people nominations.


Leff reported that Howard Voss, Rod Grant and John Layman were working with Arnold Strassenburg in the preparation of a series of articles about the AAPT during Strassenburg’s term as Executive Officer.  The articles will be published in the Spring and Fall 2006 issues of the Announcer.  Leff said that an oral history was also being prepared by Karen Johnston and Voss for the Niels Bohr Library.  Leff relayed a request from Voss for financial support of these efforts.  D. Peterson moved that $ 5K from the Klopsteg Fund be allocated to support the articles in the two issues of the Announcer and the oral history.  Leff seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  


Leff suggested that the Board should encourage the development of an update of the article written by Tony French on the fifty years of physics education. Mamola said he would try to get such an article for publication in the TPT. 


Holbrow reported that commemoration plans were also being conducted for the 50th anniversary of the publication of the PSSC.  


22.  Executive Session I (with Executive Officers and Holbrow).  D. Peterson called the Board into Executive Session to consider compensation for AAPT Editors, staff retiree benefits, fundraising options, and the status of the search for a new Executive Officer.


23.  Executive Session II (with Holbrow and without Executive Officers.)  D. Peterson called the Board into Executive Session II to approve the Minutes of the Executive Sessions of the Board during its August meeting and to prepare for the annual review of the Executive Officer in December.


24.  Adjournment.  At the close of Executive Session II, D. Peterson thanked the Board members and adjourned the meeting.


Mary Beth Monroe, AAPT Secretary


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