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High School Physics Teacher Day for First-Time Attendees


We’ve prepared a special day for you on Tuesday, 2 August, at the American Association of Physics Teachers 2011 Summer Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Come learn more about research-based physics curricula you may have heard about that are designed for high school classrooms:


    -Physics Union Mathematics (PUM) & Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE)

       -Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies for Motivating Students (PRISMS)

  • Learn more about resources available through AAPT that can help you improve student learning of physics, including:tptajpphysdaysm2011a

-Journals: The Physics Teacher & American Journal of Physics

-ComPADRE digital library of free online resources

-Physics Teaching Resource Agents (PTRA)


-Contests: Physics Olympiad, Physics Bowl, & Photo Contest

  • Get more teaching ideas from talks by AAPT Millikan Award winner Brian Jones on physics demos and Zitzewitz Pre-College Teaching Award winner Stacy McCormack.
  • Join your colleagues at the Energy Program Reception.
  • Attend your choice of other sessions including:

peoplephysdaysm2011a- Little Shop of Physics demo session by Brian Jones.

- Impact of New K-12 Standards on Teachers & Teacher Training

- Digital Textbooks: Possibilities & Perils

-What Do We Know About Web 2.0?

-Research on Student Learning of Energy

-Recruiting Students to High School Physics

-A poster session where you can have in-depth conversations withthe presenters


  • Visit the vendor exhibit area to see the latest lab/demo equipment and textbooks.
  • Develop professional relationships with physics teacher colleagues.
  • Attend annual demo show
  • A unique opportunity to explore the original Haunted Physics Lab, created at Creighton University by Tom Zepf.

All of this is available to high school physics teachers who have not yet attended a national AAPT meeting for only $75, which is much less than the usual one-day registration fee of $210 for AAPT members and $410 for non-members. We’re offering this special registration fee, because we want to encourage you to sample what AAPT has to offer high school physics teachers. We’re confident that once you see what AAPT has to offer, you’ll become an active AAPT member.

And you can attend the Pizza Extravaganza for $12, which will precede the demo show.  (Beer will be available for purchase.)    Register Now!

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Some photos courtesy of VisitOmaha.com