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Physics Day at Six Flags America 2016

AAPT photos from 2014 Physics Day

SPS photos from 2014 Physics Day

Friday, April 22, 2016

Physics Day at amusement parks started over 25 years ago and participation continues to grow nationally. Amusement parks all over the country open their gates on a non-operating day, exclusively for physics students.

The students have access to one of the world's largest laboratories for carrying out real-world science experiments. Throughout the day there are opportunities for students to collect data using accelerometers on selected rides, participate in demonstrations, and enter contests for prizes.

We encourage teachers to prepare their students to make the most out of the opportunities at Physics Day.

Choose quality activities that will engage them and help them to learn more about the science behind their amusement park experience.

eggdrop2011aFor information about Physics Days at Six Flags outside of Maryland, contact your local Six Flags amusement park for details.

Six Flags America
13710 Central Avenue
Largo, Maryland 20721

Special Activities: