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meet the coaches


  • Paul Stanley

    Academic Director

    Paul is the Dobson Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Beloit College. He has worked for the US Physics team since 2003. His research involves classical and quantum chaos, and varies between highly theoretical, heavily computational, and playfully experimental. In his spare time he plays the trumpet semi-professionally, and he travels, having visited over fifty different countries.


  • David Fallest

    Senior Coach

    Postdoctoral teaching scholar at North Carolina State University. While earning his Ph.D., he conducted soft condensed matter experiments and numerical astrophysics research. When not teaching or researching, David enjoys his favourite pastime -- juggling.

  • Mikhail Kagan


    Assistant professor of physics at Penn State Abington. His research interests are in the fields of quantum gravity and cosmology, as well as physics education. Recently Mike got interested in the interplay between electrical circuits, random walks and graph theory.