2012 Annual Report - page 5

2012 Annual Report
Society Presidents to discuss the wide variety of new
faculty workshops in the STEM disciplines and why those
programs are successful. The workshops and conference
are funded by the National Science Foundation.
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
AAPT took an active role in providing feedback to the first
draft of the K-12 science and engineering standards being
produced by Achieve, Inc. The feedback was based on the
discussions at a meeting of experienced high school physics
teachers and representatives from the AAPT, the American
Physical Society, the American Chemical Society, the
American Institute of Physics, the American Society for
Engineering Education, and the Department of Energy in
May 2012. (A note that AAPT also provided feedback on
the second draft and comments on the final version. These
comments were produced in 2013.) AAPT continues to
provide a voice for K-12 physics teachers across the US in
the process of developing and implementing the NGSS.
Society of Physics Students (SPS) and the Students
Exploring Engineering and Science (SEES) Program at
Winter Meetings
SPS continued to take an active role in organizing the
SEES program at the AAPT Winter Meeting in Ontario,
California. This program brings approximately 100
minority, low-socioeconomic middle school students to
the Winter Meeting site to engage in active learning for half
a day. This is often the first time students get to experience
hands-on activities of important physical phenomena. A
long-time member of AAPT and Distinguished Service
Award recipient, Betty Preece was an outstanding model of
dedication and achievement within the science community
and founder of the SEES program. The program provides
the students with lunch, transportation, career information
science materials, and the opportunity to engage with SPS
and AAPT volunteers. SEES continues to be strengthened
by the participation of SPS and its members.
Two new staffmembers joined AAPT in 2012: RaShonda
Rosier, Marketing Manager, and Susannah “Patch” Hicks,
Executive Assistant. I welcome both to the AAPT team
and look forward to many years of working together to
advance physics education.
Finally, it has been my privilege to serve you, the
members of AAPT, in 2012 as Executive Officer. AAPT
continues to provide leadership through the work of many
AAPT members and volunteers to enrich the education
and future employment prospects of all students. All of
this is done in support of the organization’s mission of
“Enhancing the understanding and appreciation of physics
through teaching.” It is truly a joy to work with you. Thank
you again for your support.
Sincerely yours,
Beth A. Cunningham
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