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2012 Annual Report
American Journal of Physics
AJP continued to inform physics education globally with member subscriptions,
institutional subscriptions, such as libraries and physics departments, and consortia
agreements. The 6,584 subscriptions served the following education sectors:
High School 22.8%
College/University 57.1%
Student/Unemployed 9.0% Non-Teaching 11.0%
Other .02%
The rate of submission to
has been increasing and is now over 850 per year.
The acceptance rate of regular articles is about 20%.
David P. Jackson,
Editor, Dickinson College
Daniel Schroeder
Associate Editor, Weber State University
Resource Letters
periodically publishes Resource Letters on topics that are of interest to college
and university physicists, astronomers, and other scientists who wish to improve their
courses or to serve as bridges for those who are moving into new areas of teaching or
research. Seven were published in 2012. Resource Letters Editorial Board: Rexford E.
Adelberger, Ruth Chabay, Ryan E. Doezema, Amy Joanne Kolan, Harvey S. Leff, Kimball
A. Milton, Amy S. Mulin, William I Newman, Gordon Ramsey, and Rosemary Wyse,
Research in Physics Education
also includes research papers that describe findings in the area of physics education
research (PER) and are accessible to a broad physics readership. A special section is
further devoted to PER papers. In 2012 there were seven papers published.
Computational Physics
A new section of Computational Physics was introduced in 2012, with the first paper
published in the December issue.
Apparatus and Demonstration Notes
In this section,
publishes brief communications reporting new demonstrations,
laboratory equipment, techniques, or materials of interest to teachers of physics. In 2012,
published five such reports.
Book Reviews
In addition,
publishes book reviews regularly on physics topics including the history
of physics. Twenty-five book reviews appeared in 2012.
A strong publications program supports and informs the physics education
community and other interested learners.
Consulting Edito
David Griffiths
Reed College
Barry R. Holstein
University of Massachusetts
William J. Mullin
University of Massachusetts
John Mallinckrodt
California State Polytechnic
University Pomona
Harvey S. Leff
California State Polytechnic
University Pomona
Apparatus and Demonstrations
Notes Editor
Frank L. H. Wolfs
University of Rochester
Book Review Editor
Hans C. von Baeyer
College of William and Mary
Physics Education
Research Section Editor
Michael C. Whitman
University of Maine, Orono, ME
Resource Letters Editor
Roger H. Stuewer
University of Minnesota
Ernest R. Behringer,
Eastern Michigan University
Anne Cox,
Eckerd College
Allan J. Greer,
Gonzaga University
Mark Peterson,
Mount Holyoke College
Mark Semon,
Bates College
Peter Siegel,
California State Polytechnic University,
Linda Winkler,
University of Minnesota at Moorhead
Williams College
Editorial Advisory Board
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