2012 Annual Report - page 9

2012 Annual Report
Social Networking
AAPT continues to open the channels of
communication and community using
online social networking platforms.
Below is a list of online social networks
AAPT uses:
• facebook.com/AAPTHQ
• twitter.com/AAPTHQ
• flickr.com/physicsteachers
• youtube.com/physicsteachers
• pinterest.com/AAPTHQ/
• /aboutaapt/socialnetworks.cfm
Area Committee Websites
AAPT has created google websites for
all area committees. These sites were
created to provide a place where the
committees can organize and store their
work. In addition, the committees will
be able to share what they are doing
with other committees and the public.
To accomplish this, each committee
will be assigned a gmail account which
well allow each committee to have
administrative control over their site.
Meeting Presentations
AAPT has begun a project to preserve
more content from the national meetings.
In addition to meeting abstracts,
other content including posters, talks,
plenaries, photos, and videos will be
archived for future reference. The
archive will be searchable. This will be
a very useful source of information for
members as well as area committees as
they plan sessions for future meetings.
Having strong online publications offers AAPT members convenient
access to physics education resources, news, and member benefits.
AAPT.org continues to emphasize ease-of-access and user-friendliness,
and aims to be more inviting to new visitors. The home page includes a
“Features” area with photos and information pertaining to upcoming or
ongoing programs, projects, events, and resources; and a box with buttons
to donate, nominate, and send suggestions. Further down the page is a
“navigation by audience” that guides visitors based on their role in the
physics education community. The bottom half of the home page is split
into a news section, and sections that encourage visitors to get involved
with the association and provide information about what AAPT does.
AAPT.org organizes the association’s many assets into appropriate
categories allowing the user (both members and non-members) to easily
access information regarding topical news, governance, member benefits
and profiles, conferences and workshops, awards, publications, local
sections, teaching and student resources, partners, giving, and marketing
Added features include The Physics Store and the eMentoring program.
The Physics Store acquired a new look with a logo and layout incorporating
a product title search and featured sales and products. The eMentoring
program connects high school physics educators who desire additional
guidance with experienced high school physics educators—online and
FREE of charge.
What’s next?
Efforts to enhance AAPT.org are ongoing and numerous. Some areas of
activity are the session/workshop process, area committee reports, awards
nominations, online advertising, and member recruitment.
An effort to record, share, and preserve audiovisual “Story Files” is an on-
going project.
For 2012 aapt.org had:
• 435,260 visits
• 1,564,923 pageviews
• 3.6 pages per visit
• 255,454 new visitors
All from 205 countries/territories
1. U.S.
2. Canada
3. India
4. Philippines
5. Australia
Electronic Communications
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