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I have been engaged in some or another form of teaching for quite a while: in high-school, I tutored several classmates in physics and taught a couple of friends to play guitar, in college I was a tutor at the school’s tutoring center for 4 years, tutored privately, and also worked for an SAT prep company. In graduate school I taught recitations, labs, and was also a grader for graduate courses. I suppose this means that going into a teaching career should have been obvious, but I did spend the first year of grad school “shopping around” and engaging with several different research groups, including working in a solid state physics lab for the first summer. In my first year of grad school, I met Chandralekha Singh who was teaching all the incoming graduate students a Teaching of Physics class, and it was through discussions with her in the summer of 2010 that I ended up deciding to engage in physics education research, and joined AAPT soon after.



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