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Examination of Pathways to Excellence Scholarship Program for Women in STEM Fields


A presentation from the 2014 Summer Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) is in the third year of an NSF S-STEM grant (1060595), Pathways to Excellence, providing 10 scholarships annually to academically talented women undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are pursuing degrees in mathematics, physics, computer information systems, or engineering. The program has a tri-part mentoring system with a faculty member in the student's discipline, a peer from the program and an alumnae. Scholars also take an annual thematic seminar course. Each student constructs a career development plan in assistance with her faculty mentor and sets measurable annual goals. In addition, all scholarship students are requested to have an experiential experience. As a result, NDMU aims to strengthen its role in increasing the numbers of well-educated and skilled women employees from diverse backgrounds, including first-generation college students, in technical and scientific areas. Early assessment of the program produced modifications and now these can be evaluated.


Joseph Di Rienzi

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2014 Summer Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota

09:50 AM

Additional Strategies to Support Female Students


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