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Possibilities for Strengthening the U.S. and International PER Community


A presentation from the 2016 Winter Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana


As mandatory part of the Physics Teacher Training of University of Cologne, Germany, students learn how to use tablets to capture short science movies. This idea was adapted to two teacher preparation courses at the Buffalo State College, NY, USA. This was done in two cycles, in accordance with the methods of Design and Action Based Research. The results show that the adaption is fruitful for both the two teacher preparation courses and the Teacher Training Programme of Cologne, but also highlights the rewards and challenges in adapting new teaching methods from other learning cultures. In the presentation both the underlying idea as well as the implementation will be described. The outcomes of this adaption will be described in detail, with examples from the students. Finally, further possibilities for cooperation in the international learning and teaching community will be brought up and discussed.


Florian Genz

André Bresges
Daniel MacIsaac
Jeremias Weber

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2016 Winter Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana

04:00 PM

Graduate International Experiences