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A Quick Introduction to Arduino and Sensors


A presentation from the 2016 Winter Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana


The Arduino microcontroller board has celebrated its 10th birthday in the commercial world and has opened up electronics prototyping for non-technical hobbyists. The power of the Arduino board has made possible a wide variety of applications; a designer could envision a project and within a matter of a few minutes or hours have a working prototype. Arduino finds its greatest success in the world of physical computing whereby a sensor provides input to the Arduino, which then causes some other action to occur based on the measurement. In the classroom, students can quickly learn how to assemble a working circuit and have a satisfying learning experience that helps remove much of the mystery of scientific measurement. This presentation will give an overview of some quick projects that teach basic physics of measurements and discuss the available sensors that can be used with Arduino.


Philip C. Fulmer

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2016 Winter Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana

04:00 PM

Educational Applications of Arduino Microcontrollers


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