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Making iPad Videos to Learn Physics


A presentation from the 2016 Summer Meeting: Sacremento, California


We describe the development of the iPad video physics project at SUNY Buffalo State College over the past year. Beginning in summer 2015, graduate students and in-service teachers were tasked with explaining concepts and/or experiments through the creation of short videos, labeled physics content multimedia presentations. These bear many similarities to videos on the YouTube channels minutephysics and Veritasium, but are not meant to achieve the same production quality. Conceptual learning is the intention of the assignment, not a professional video. Instead, videos are produced on the iPads using filming, editing, and voiceover features of apps like iMovie and iMotion. We will present and discuss suggestions, rubrics, guidance, and lessons learned for teachers wishing to assign and evaluate expository physics videos produced by students for credit. This work was supported by the NSF, SUNY IITG and the University of Cologne as well as SUNY Buffalo State Physics.


Andrew J. Roberts

Dan MacIsaac
David Abbott
Florian Genz

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2016 Summer Meeting: Sacremento, California

05:00 PM