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Capstone Projects Involving Computational Physics


A presentation from the 2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia


In an effort to provide students with experience in conducting open-ended research and communicating the results, every upper-division physics major at Salisbury University is required to develop and complete a capstone project prior to graduation. Limited equipment and funding, however, constrain these activities and provide some challenge in finding projects that are both educational and exciting, yet realizable. Several students have recently taken advantage of the low cost and ubiquity of computers to explore topics in computational physics with success. By sharing some of these projects and describing a couple of them in detail – one involving diffusion limited aggregation and another involving the chaotic dynamics of a compound double pendulum – I hope to spark ideas that you may in turn use with your students.


Jeffrey W. Emmert,

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2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia

12:00 PM

Effective Practices in Educational Technologies


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