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A Model for Open-ended "Dorm Room" Physics Experiments


A presentation from the 2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia


Recent technological developments have made it possible for students to do high-quality physics experiments in their homes, and instructors have developed distance learning and online hybrid laboratory materials that take advantage of these capabilities. At the University of Illinois, we have used online instruction to explore two different paradigms for physics experiments outside of the classroom: (1) A structured approach with prescribed experiments, designed to prevent students from making unchecked errors and (2) an open-ended approach where students are given room to explore a situation and tell their instructor what they think. In this talk we will focus on the implementation and results from the latter approach in a hybrid (online and classroom) laboratory course, including examples of open-ended experiment prompts and student responses to this style of instruction.


Katherine Ansell,

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2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia

11:20 AM

Effective Practices in Educational Technologies


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