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An Immersive Research Program for High School Students


A presentation from the 2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia


A four-week-long immersive summer program for high school students was developed, implemented, and assessed. The program was completely directed by an undergraduate physics major and it included a hands-on and student-led capstone project for the high school students. The goal was to create an adaptive and shareable curriculum in order to influence high school students’ views of university level research and what it means to be a scientist. The program was assessed through various methods including a survey developed for this program, a scientific attitudes survey, weekly blog posts, and an oral exit interview. The curriculum included visits to local STEM laboratories, an introduction to particle physics and the IceCube collaboration, an introduction to electronics and computer programming, and creating and presenting their capstone project. Assessment results and details concerning the curriculum will be discussed.


Christina E. Love,

Brean Prefontaine,
Naoko Kurahashi Neilson,
Eric Brewe,

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2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia

02:30 PM

PER: Diverse Investigations


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