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Physics Graduate Retention at The Ohio State University


A presentation from the 2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio


In an effort to improve retention, student experience, and diversity in graduate physics courses and programs, we are conducting a longitudinal study that examines cognitive and motivational factors through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. We also aim to identify how gender, ethnicity, and academic achievement relate to student experience, student success, and retention for graduate students in physics at The Ohio State University. Here we report on data from the first year of survey data administered to two groups of graduate students (44 total): those enrolled in the core physics courses (typically first and second year students) and those who have completed the core courses but have not completed the candidacy exam. They surveys consist of 100+ items including a number of validated scales measuring cognitive factors relevant to retention and the student experience. The results provide evidence of significant gender differences in measures such as belonging, satisfaction, and cost.


Amber Byrum,

Andrew Heckler
Alison Koenka
Christopher Porter
Hanna Lafranconi

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2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio

02:10 PM

PER: Diverse Investigations


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