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Bringing AP Physics to Underserved High School Populations


A presentation from the 2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio


Boston University is in the second year of a pilot program, Project Accelerate, partnering with 11 high schools in Massachusetts and West Virginia to bring a College Board approved Advanced Placement® Physics Small Private Online Course to schools not offering this opportunity to students. Project Accelerate students (1) outperformed peer groups in traditional AP Physics classrooms on the College Board AP Physics exam, and (2) were more inclined to engage in additional Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs than they were prior to participating in Project Accelerate. This poster will highlight the project research questions, methodology, implementation strategy, and pilot year outcomes. Project Accelerate offers a replicable solution to a significant problem of too few underserved high school students having access to high-quality physics education, resulting in these students being ill prepared to enter STEM careers and STEM programs in college.


Mark D. Greenman,

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2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio

09:15 PM

Pre-college/Informal and Outreach


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