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New Measures of Equity - Synergies from the IMPRESS Program


A presentation from the 2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio


Equity and Inclusion became key concepts in modern education. Still they are neither well defined nor measurable…yet. This presentation will give an insight of the current progressions of the IMPRESS research squad tackling this key problem. Why do we measure Equity? Especially, in physics education women and ethnic minorities are underrepresented and even catching up slower than in other fields. Secondly, underrepresentation perpetuates stereotypes and minority students are at risk of internalizing these external expectations. Moreover, due to self-fulfilling prophecy, women are still given fewer job offers in leading positions than men in almost all fields. This presentation will focus on the measurement of equity during small group work in the context of science and metacognitive learning.


Eleanor C. Sayre,

Florian Genz
Benjamin . Archibeque
Mary Bridget Kustusch
Scott Franklin

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2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio

08:50 AM

PER: Examining Content Understanding and Reasoning III