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Measuring Equity in Small Groups


A presentation from the 2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio


This project investigates how to measure equity in small student groups. We follow several student groups to operationalize how discourse may be equitable or inequitable. The groups came from the IMPRESS program, a two week, pre-college program that prepares first generation and deaf/hard-of-hearing students to major in a STEM field. At IMPRESS students focus on improving their metacognitive skills and cultural preparation for college life within a context of model building. We use three methods to measure equity. First, we look at speaking time: who talks, when, and to whom. Second, we look for moments when individuals are included or excluded and the prevalence of those moments. Third, we look at the comparative "inchargeness" – how much control an individual has over the direction of conversation – of the group members. We compare all three methods to see how effective and consistent they are at capturing equity in group’s discourse.


Benjamin J. Archibeque,

Florian Genz
Eleanor Sayre
Mary Bridget Kustusch
Scott Franklin

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2017 Summer Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio

04:40 PM

Inclusion and Equity