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Using Action Cameras to Enhance Learning and Facilitate Research


A presentation from the 2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA


Action Cameras (like GoPros, Cubes, …) became affordable, small and easy to handle for classroom observations. This talk will give an overview about the practical and technical pitfalls of action cameras, as well as their potential for facilitating physics education research (PER). Students can use cameras to capture phenomena at night and under water at extreme close-ups and wide angles in slow-motion or even time-lapse. Researchers can collect video data of student groups for later analysis with the same equipment and hence less intrusiveness. An advantage of comprehensive video data is its amenability to collaborative research; we will discuss our Professional Experiences for Emerging Researchers (PEER), international research collaborations that center around analysis of video data. This session is directed to connect teachers and researchers to, both, improve teaching and conduct relevant and more concise design-based educational research (DBER) with action cameras.


Florian Genz,

Eleanor Sayre
Scott Franklin

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2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA

01:00 PM

Using Action Cameras to Teach and Learn Physics