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A Research Experience-based Measurement Laboratory Course


A presentation from the 2018 Summer Meeting: Washington, DC


Universities can offer a science-based research experience to only a limited number of undergraduate students. We have started a one- semester lecture/lab course for advanced undergraduate students providing an "alternative research" experience to students who cannot engage with a full-fledged research group. The lecture is closely tied to the lab work and homework relates directly to measurements performed and systems built in the laboratory. Laboratory instructions are limited to essential goals, requiring active engagement of students. The course teaches measurement principles and physical sensors in semi-structured labs for seven weeks. Thereafter, the remaining weeks of the semester students work on self-created "research" projects/measurement challenges (one or two students together). Students propose the project early enough that parts can be ordered, establish milestones to be achieved along the way, assemble and build the apparatus, characterize its performance, and present results to class members.


Gernot Laicher,

Clayton Williams,

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2018 Summer Meeting: Washington, DC

10:10 AM

Upper Division Undergraduate


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