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Studying Community Development: A Network Analytical Approach


A presentation from the 2018 Summer Meeting: Washington, DC


In a participationist learning framework, the development and evolution of a community is a key component of learning. We set out to use network analysis for studying community dynamics based on classroom video data. By recording interactions between students as network ties, and classifying different types of interactions, we are able to generate networks which give us insight into how different types of interactions aid in community development and evolution. Specifically we looked to see how the frequency of task oriented, topical (related to STEM or the program), and social interactions evolved over the duration of a 2 week pre-matriculation metacognition program. Understanding the dynamics involved in building a working community will better equip us to support student community development and encourage learning.


Christopher Hass,

Pierre Ouimet,
Katarzyna Pomian,
Florian Genz,
Mary-Bridget Kustusch,

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2018 Summer Meeting: Washington, DC

01:20 PM

PER: Groupwork, Interactions, and the Culture and Nature of Science