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A New Model for Advanced Lab and Introduction to Research


A presentation from the 2019 Summer Meeting: Provo, UT


A new Advanced Lab course was developed to give students experience with soft skills. The advanced lab course was offered in conjunction with a freshman level introduction to research. This combination of two different levels of students was done to populate a traditionally low-enrolled course and to provide senior students with leadership experience. Each senior-level student was paired with one to two intro students to act as a team leader. Both courses had two 3-hour lab sessions that met together and a separate 1-hour lecture session for each course. The introductory course focused on basic scientific research methods, keeping lab notebooks, working as a member of a team, scientific ethics, experimental design, and scientific communication while the senior course focused on these topics at a more advanced level. The structure of the two courses and the opinions of the students’ will be discussed in this poster.


Todd Zimmerman

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2019 Summer Meeting: Provo, UT

08:30 PM

Upper Division and Graduate


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