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FliP-CoIn – Multi-Cultural Concept Inventory for Flight Physics


A presentation from the 2019 Summer Meeting: Provo, UT


The Flight Physics Concept Inventory (FliP-CoIn) provides feedback to college students, introductory physics courses and their teachers about naïve conceptions in fluid dynamics in the context of flight. FliP-CoIn was developed in English and German. The first test statistics including all 59 questions (=30min including demographic questions) resulted in a Cronbach’s alpha for Reliability of ?=.81 (English version. German results to be published soon). Until the conference, the instrument will be shortened and revalidated with a big German student group. Further an automatic online scoring system will be introduced. FliP-CoIn is the first physics concept inventory which was developed concurrently in two cultures and languages. Therefore its evolution yielded many unforeseeable improvements and hurdles. FliP-CoIn was developed because the teaching of fluid dynamics was adopted by the German Physical Society (DPG) in its newest science standards recommendations (DPG 2016). DPG. (2016). DPG SchulStudie - Basiskonzepte. https://www.dpg-physik.de/veroeffentlichung/broschueren/studien/schulstudie-2016/schulstudie-basiskonzepte.pdf


Florian Genz

Lars Möhring
Kathleen Falconer
André Bresges

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2019 Summer Meeting: Provo, UT

08:30 PM

Teacher Training/Enhancement