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eFliP-CoIn - Concept Inventory Development in two Language Cultures


A presentation from the 2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA


Currently, the Flight Physics Concept Inventory (FliP-CoIn) is in development in two languages and piloted it in two different cultures (USA and Germany). This brings new and unique challenges to the PER research project but also great benefits. FliP-CoIn provides feedback to college students, introductory physics courses and their teachers about current understanding of fluid dynamics in the context of aviation. Due to more focus groups and think-aloud interviews, many improvements were implemented. This tool is still in development. The author is thankful for scientific exchange to concept inventory designers as well as PER, fluid dynamics and language experts. Individuals familiar with concept inventory development and instructors of fluid dynamics, flight physics and similar fields are welcome to engage in discussion with the presenter.


Florian Genz

André Bresges
Kathleen Falconer

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2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA

02:45 PM

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