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Changing Attributes of Students in a Project-based STEM Media Course


A presentation from the 2020 Winter Meeting: Orlando, FL


While the personal and professional attributes of successful students in physics have been studied, the same can’t be said for physics students who create physics content media for use in the classroom. We will discuss the changes in the personal and professional attributes of students in a STEM course for the creation and use of media in the school classroom. The students’ reflective writings and pre/post online surveys were analyzed using grounded theory. In a preliminary analysis, the students’ view of self-management and self-motivation, especially in regards to peer/group learning seems to be more accepting through their experiences in the course. There is mixed evidence for change in the students’ worldview for the creation of media for classrooms. Their view of the usage and utility of media seems to be changeable as well. The analysis of additional data to saturation of categories is ongoing and we will report upon the results.


Kathleen Ann Falconer,

Florian Genz
André Bresges

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2020 Winter Meeting: Orlando, FL

08:40 AM

Effective Practices in Educational Technology