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AAPT is the premier global professional society established to advance the greater good through physics education.

There has never been a time when physics education was more critical.

Success depends on well trained physics educators who teach and inspire students in physical sciences from kindergarten through Ph.D. programs. Your support of AAPT strengthens the initial training and ongoing professional development of programs for physics teachers around the world.

Our Endowment and Annual funds help support physics educators and students, recognize excellence, expand outreach activities, and foster innovative professional development programs for school teachers, college faculty, teaching assistants, and others.  Read more.

Contributions are accepted online, by mail, or by phone. Please click the appropriate link below to contribute to the future of AAPT. Upon completion, you will receive a receipt for your records. AAPT is recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Gifts to AAPT are tax deductible.


GuideStar Partner in TrustAAPT is recognized by GuideStar as a Trusted Partner. Financial reports are available at You can read reviews by our donors on their website and below.



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By Phone

You can donate by phone at 301-209-3333.

By Mail

You can donate by mail by sending your check to:
AAPT Donations
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD  20740

Donations not identified for a specific fund will go to the Annual Fund to be used as needed. You may download a Donation Form to identify your fund choice.

A securities contributions form (PDF) is available for your convenience. 

Planned Giving

You can contribute to AAPT by leaving a legacy. Read more about Planned Giving.

Donor Testimonials

Harvey S. Leff, California Polytec (Retired):  AAPT has been, and continues to be, an important part of my life and career. It has helped me improve my teaching and network with other physics teachers. It provides vehicles (AJP and TPT) for keeping up to date on the new ideas of others and publishing my own work.

Shawn Reeves, Energy AAPT makes me a better teacher, but it's more complicated than that. AAPT provides a forum not only for improvement but questioning our practice. Helping us identify a need at an AAPT meeting, that openness inspired me and two other teachers to start, and I go back to AAPT every year for new inspirations.

Jon Anderson, Centennial Senior High School: I am a HS physics teacher and have participated in numerous professional development activities throughout my career. The best PD that I receive is a direct result of my membership in AAPT. The publication "The Physics Teacher" is a wealth of ideas and inspiration and something that I read thoroughly and I look forward to the opportunity to attend professional meetings sponsored by AAPT and the information that I learn at them.

John L. Roeder, Calhoun School: After I received the Excellence in Pre-College Teaching Award from the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) in 2003, I was asked what advice I would give new teachers. After about ten minutes of thought, I realized that the answer was simple: "Join AAPT!" Why? Because most of what has helped me to improve as a physics teachers has come from AAPT workshops and AAPT meetings. AAPT is a great forum for physics teachers at all levels to interact and improve the teaching of physics. I couldn't imagine being a physics teacher without it.

Kevin Doyle, Morris Hills High School:  AAPT has helped me in so many ways. It has given me many experiences, teaching ideas, and physics knowledge that I have used to make myself a better teacher. More importantly, my students have recieved better instruction because of AAPT and how they have shaped my teahing and understanding of physics.

Joe Spaccavento, North Arlington High School: I am a proud AAPT member of 30 years. As a physics educator, I see AAPT as the guardian for physics education around the globe. I have been active on the National, State, and local level providing and receiving valuable teacher training.
  This incredible organization has helped to mold me into the educational leader I am today. Physics teachers are special people, they are a true learning community of dedicated professionals.
  The AAPT is the backbone which supports all of the various sections of AAPT which in turn serve the needs of those teachers who might not have the opportunity to attend a national meeting. I serve as the New jersey Section Representative and wear my title proudly. To truly see all of the contributions of the AAPT one must look at the work being done by the sections as well. You can see a small part of that by visiting the New Jersey section web page at

AAPT Benefactors

Hundreds of members and friends of AAPT have invested in programs, scholarships, and initiatives designed to support physics education.  They did so by giving to AAPT.  The beneficiaries of these efforts and opportunities join AAPT in offering their deepest gratitude to AAPT's benefactors.