Member Recruitment Tips

Did you know that 75% of AAPT members joined because a colleague or adviser recommended AAPT membership?

Review the benefits list:

The AAPT National office, Membership and Benefits Committee, and Executive Board have spent significant time and energy refining the list of benefits after reviewing member feedback from the most recent surveys. Be familiar with the benefits and value statement provided at the Connections Matter page on

Watch the AAPT Membership video:

Be aware of the needs of your colleague so you can suggest benefits that help them solve problems. If you don't ask your prospects to do anything, they won't. 

Download the Connections Matter Pass Along Business Cards:

Download, print and complete the sheet of Connections Matter Pass Along Business Cards. Carry these with you so that you have them handy.

Invite Colleagues to join AAPT:

Most important–invite your colleague to join. Try to extend the invitation in person, when you have their attention and in person. Come right out and share your experiences with AAPT and give the colleague a completed Connections Matter Handout Business Card.

The link and QR codes both take your colleague to the Connections Matter website where they can watch the Membership video, learn about AAPT's work, and explore the benefits of membership.

Remind them to enter you name in the referral blank on the demographics page of their membership application/profile while they are joining.

That is it. 

When you recruit a member between August 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016, you will you will receive one referral credit toward one of the following prizes.  The member who recruits the most regular members will win.

  • Grand Prize - Free trip for one 2016 Summer Meeting in Sacramento, California (includes airfare within the US, hotel, and meeting registration. Total reimbursement not to exceed $2000.)
  • Second Prize (2) $50 Physics Store Gift Certificates
  • Third Prize (50) AAPT Messenger Bags